PCN Joins Infoblox Managed Services Partner Program

Wayne, PA—PC Network Inc. (PCN), a customer focused technology and infrastructure service company, is excited to join market leading Infoblox’s Managed Services Partner Program. 

Building on a decade long partnership with Infoblox, forged delivering managed DDI services on behalf of Tier 1 global system integrator and service provider partners, PCN is excited to offer its proven managed services to enterprise buyers looking specifically for managed DDI support.  Described as delivering “All the Benefits of Infoblox Enterprise Grade DDI – with less effort and expense,” managed services enable organizations to procure outcomes instead of technology and support. 

PCN’s offering distinguishes itself through its DDI Portal which is designed to maximize your Infoblox investment by overlaying governance, workflow automation, and intelligent self-service. “Think of it as an “Easy Button” for 80% of high-volume low impact changes” said PCN’s GM DDI and CTO James Nutt adding that “Our customers find the PCN Portal provides increased agility in a co-managed environment while reducing the risk, cost, and skill level necessary to safely make changes to core network services.”.  Further, PCN’s purpose built DDI Monitor provides comprehensive visibility into Infoblox virtual and physical appliances, as well as the DNS, DHCP, and NTP services that run on them.  PCN compliments this technology suite with hundreds of years of DDI expertise spanning consultation, design, build, operations, maintenance, and project management.

PCN is one of only three Managed Service Partners recognized by Infoblox on its website Partner Program page, joining IBM and Neustar. 

Contact: PCN Marketing
Phone: (267) 236-0015
Email: Marketing@PCN-inc.com

IDC: Promise of Cloud Falling Short Due to Legacy DDI Architecture – Infoblox

It’s nearly unanimous: IDC reports that 95% of IT decision makers have already deployed or plan to deploy SD-WAN in the next two years. Critically, however, DDI backhaul or local router or server-based architecture are slowing network response times, preventing many SD-WAN adopters from realizing the full benefits of cloud based SaaS applications. This results in:

  • Downtime when DNS resolution to headquarters isn’t available.
  • Poor user experiences with SaaS applications such as Office 365 & Google Cloud.
  • Cumbersome, error prone per site branch IT management of policy.

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Empowering Digital Transformation – Infoblox

This whitepaper explores how emerging network technologies are driving digital transformation forward. We consider how disruptive network technology trends, modern network needs and gaps, a vision for future-ready services, and how organizations – even those lagging behind – can catch-up and take the lead in delivering an improved customer experience both now and in the future.

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Top Reasons Why Enterprises Must Automate DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management – Infoblox

Routine activities such as managing DNS and DHCP, assigning IP addresses, creating and managing subnets and reporting and auditing device connection history can take more than their fair share of time and resources. Moreover, concentration of DNS, DHCP and IP address management expertise in fewer hands makes organizations heavily dependent on a few individuals without adequate backup.

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Securing Remote Workers in the Age of Teleworking – Infoblox

A significant number of your employees are now working from home as the pandemic continues to spread globally and the need to protect people’s health takes number one priority. In this situation, companies have had very little time to prepare for such large scale remote work and think about how to secure these devices that are now accessing corporate resources from outside the perimeter. But work from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on security. Read this white paper to learn about:

  • Top security challenges around teleworking
  • Evolving threat landscape in the current scenario and top attacks that could target your remote users
  • How to secure your work from home users using foundational network services

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