Jill R. Mervin

Business Leadership Award

Celebrating Our Inaugural Honoree

Tracy Monday

August 2022

This year, we recognize Tracy Monday, former COO of Cloud Gateway and soon to be sales executive at Verizon. Tracy’s impressive global career, commitment to giving back, and powerful positive energy exemplify the attributes we are looking to celebrate and amplify with this award. Her LinkedIn summary expresses it best.

‘Working in the UK hot spot of entrepreneurs and tech innovators has never been more fun! I want to inspire women to see this industry as the best career choice. The industry is changing, but we need to continue to work hard to drive total equality and inclusion. We live in an ‘on-demand’ society. Technology plays an integral part in every aspect of our lives, but the workforce is not yet representative. I, like many women, want to see a more diverse workforce – diversity of culture and of thought.”

In addition to her entrepreneurial background as a co-founder of Xeocom Ltd, providing business, sales, and marketing strategic support, she has helped subject matter experts (SMEs) take advantage of video and animation services to compete in an ever-global marketplace. Today, Tracy gives back through programmes like SheCanTech and the Sales, Marketing, and Commercialisation support she provides to global tech start-ups through her work with TechTrailblazers.

In honor of Tracy’s 2022 Jill R. Mervin Business Leadership Award, $1,000.00 has been donated to TeenTech in her name. Tracy selected TeenTech for its work helping young people understand the opportunities in the science, technology and engineering (STEM) industries,  regardless of gender and social background.

Anyone inspired to make additional donations to TeenTech in honor of Tracy Monday or Jill R. Mervin can do so HERE.

The Jill R. Mervin Business Leadership Award recognizes global women executives who inspire and cultivate excellence, opportunity, and ambition in women in the workforce.

Honorees are women whose leadership example make an extraordinary impact on the organizations they support, the customers they serve, and the teams of individuals they lead.

Impactful leaders make a true difference in the lives of others.  They bring forth untapped human potential and leave more capable and fulfilled individuals in their wake.  Impactful leaders might help us recognize and frame our talents in bigger and more substantive ways then we had ever imagined. They might nudge us beyond our comfort zones and thereby help us grow into the person we have the potential to become. They might simply inspire us by their spirit and example.

About Jill R. Mervin

Jill R. Mervin devoted her career to the field of International Compensation and Benefits.  As a top consultant, she helped multinational corporations design, implement, and maintain competitive compensation and benefits programs that help attract and retain top talent across various countries in which they operate.

Jill spent many years at Organization Resources Counselors Inc. (ORC), an international HR consulting firm acquired in 2010 by Mercer. She worked on a wide range of complex projects for companies in the U.S., Asia, and Europe and ultimately managed all aspects of the consulting business for Europe.

Prior to that, Jill worked for American Express International Banking Corporation comprising both commercial and military banks in over 30 countries, where she trained the local management teams to maintain and update programs.

Jill Mervin passed in 2018, and her memory lives on in the many lives she touched around the world.

Award Honorees

Tracy Monday
2022 Honoree

The daughter of a military man I spent my first 16 years travelling the world.  As a child I didn’t always appreciate the benefit of the constant change in environments
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Award Story

The Jill R. Mervin Business Leadership Award has been created to honor the memory of my first mentor and to create a platform to look for and celebrate professional women who truly help women.

Stories about women keeping other women down, wanting them to have it as hard or harder than they did climbing the ladder contrast starkly with my own experience. I have had the good fortune to have largely worked with women business leaders who saw my potential, who encouraged me to stretch into opportunities, and who inspired me to have ambition.

Why create this award now? In June 2022, I met and spent a day with nine amazing women executives. At one point, each, one after another, described negative relationships they had suffered with women bosses. “I wouldn’t work for a woman.” “Me neither.” “I’ve had such terrible experiences.”

As a CEO and majority owner of a growing global technology company, hearing their stories troubled me.  Rather than curse the darkness, my hope for this award is to look for the light – celebrating women helping women through recognition and inspiring others to do the same.

Jill R. Mervin was an expatriate in London when I joined ORC (Organization Resources Counselors Inc.), my first job out of college. She would visit headquarters in the Rockefeller Center Manhattan for a week to ten days quarterly. When Jill was in town, you felt her executive presence. At the time, she was the only female direct report to ORC’s iconic president Richard “Dick” Beaumont. It was a privilege and a pleasure to watch and learn as she changed the dynamics of both internal and external meetings.

Jill was respected by her peers. She spoke with authority about international client needs and brought insight and experience from our customers around the globe. She carried herself with an easy authority, a proven executive confident enough to stay open and able to learn. She embodied what I saw as female professionalism: savvy, outcomes driven, smart enough to listen to those she surrounded herself with and able to tune out noise. She was astute and fun, a bit irreverent in a New Yorker kind of way. Truly the whole package.

Jill made room at the table not only for me, but for many others whose careers she impacted along the way. My relationship with Jill lasted well beyond our time at ORC. We stayed in touch – Jill providing encouragement and advice and cheering me on until her passing in 2018.

Have You Been Impacted?

We welcome your stories about how the honoree Tracy Monday or Jill R. Mervin have impacted you and your business career.