2020 Networking Trends Reports – Bluecat

NetOps teams are increasingly required to drive rapid changes to the network in support of their business’ digital transformation efforts.  This report looks at one of the most powerful—and underused—tools NetOps teams have for dealing with this challenge: DNS data.  Often overlooked, DNS data contains untapped insights that NetOps teams can leverage to improve security, optimize performance, uncover potential cost savings—and demonstrate value.

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IDC: Promise of Cloud Falling Short Due to Legacy DDI Architecture – Infoblox

It’s nearly unanimous: IDC reports that 95% of IT decision makers have already deployed or plan to deploy SD-WAN in the next two years. Critically, however, DDI backhaul or local router or server-based architecture are slowing network response times, preventing many SD-WAN adopters from realizing the full benefits of cloud based SaaS applications. This results in:

  • Downtime when DNS resolution to headquarters isn’t available.
  • Poor user experiences with SaaS applications such as Office 365 & Google Cloud.
  • Cumbersome, error prone per site branch IT management of policy.

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A DNS Primer – Daniel Miessler

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a system that finds resources for you by name. You ask where a name is, and it returns you an IP address. This is done through a distributed database system whereby requests for names are handed off to various tiers of servers which are delineated by the dot (.) in the name you’re looking for. This is an introduction into how DNS functions on your network.

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