PCN integrates innovative technology and custom solutions into daily operations to:

  • Access world-class capabilities and domain expertise and capacity
  • Improve productivity with best practices
  • Boost efficiency through operating know how
  • Control and reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer focus
  • Free up internal resources to focus on core competencies
  • Accelerate migration to new technology
  • Identify and help mitigate risk
  • Utilize specialized talent resources
  • Flexible contract and pricing models

Customized Solutions 

We tailor all of our solutions to your application environment, from planning and design to implementation and analysis. We’re a results driven organization focused on finding the best solution to insulate, protect and scale your business.

Technology Agnostic 

PCN embraces most technologies and coordinates with the vendor of your choice to ensure success. As a value added reseller and strategic services organization, our specialty includes solutions for DDI, Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Technology solutions. We have spent over 26 years delivering customized projects that align with the customer’s internal processes. Whether you want help developing strategic technology initiatives, analyzing and making recommendations to solve a business problem, or approaching a challenge from an innovative angle, we will help you build a scalable, secure and efficient solution to mitigate risk, optimize business processes and deliver ROI.

Flexibility and Agility 

PCN has built its business around customized technology offerings, niche expertise and strategic business processes. We run a purpose-built organization because we believe that efficiency and productivity are the key ingredients to success. Employing some of the industry’s finest and most fluent experts across all of our solution-sets provides you with the knowledge and experience tailored for your business needs.  Our flexibility and agility allow us to quickly adapt to your needs and change direction when necessary, positively affecting your bottom line.

Subject Matter Experts

Domain expertise is our key differentiator. We have specific solutions and services that will meet your unique needs.  PCN is passionate and qualified to handle your IT business challenges. Our domain expertise from planning and design to implementation and analysis is focused and impeccably delivered. Whether it is integrating to a complex, multi-service solution, responding to an RFP or delivering a thorough and insightful professional services assessment, our customers can rest assured knowing we are experts in understanding and solving their technical business challenges. We have worked through many of our customer’s greatest IT challenges, allowing us to be a proven, credible source for protecting you from what you don’t know, mitigating your risk and architecting a solution that scales and adapts to your business.

Best Practices Methodology  

We have been creating custom solutions for over 26 years for global service providers, system integrators, enterprises and government entities.  We have experienced complex, multi-national solution environments, countless challenges and infinite options impacting end results. We have built a best practice methodology that is the foundation for everything we do.  We bend and flex with your organization and adapt to your current processes and operating models


If you are looking for a strategic technology partner, we can be the right team for you. From the start, we plan for long term relationships by pricing aggressively, customizing solutions for maximum business relevance and return and being subject matter experts. Customers like Verizon and Amtrak have been with us for close to a decade, proving our commitment, customer service, experience and expertise are the right combination for success.


PCN’s culture sets us apart. Our employees are dedicated, passionate and personally vested in helping you succeed.  You will see that shine through in everything we do, including our energy, work ethic and support of your business goals and objectives. Our commitment to quality and service drive results, encouraging open and active engagement. We become an extension of your team and perform with integrity and commitment, delivering tangible results.