DDI Project and Program Management

The explosive growth of connected devices requires a new approach to network and device management. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce administration and operational costs, replace inefficient legacy tools, and smoothly transition from IPv4 to IPv6. All of these moving parts take expertise, know-how and management to ensure the project doesn’t go sideways, potentially costing you millions.

PCN provides professional project and program management services for complex multi-vendor DDI environments as well as managing and coordinating with partner and customer teams. We can manage entire projects or smaller programs. Our flexible methodology allows us to respond quickly to requests, ensuring success regardless of the size or complexity.  Our PMP-certified resources combine extensive business knowledge and subject matter expertise with our proven, PMI-based methodology to ensure proper oversight and successful delivery.

Project Management Expertise

We tailor all of our solutions to your application environment, from planning and design to implementation and analysis. We are a results driven organization focused on finding the best solution to insulate, protect and scale your business.

We have experienced complex, multi-national solution environments, countless challenges and infinite options impacting end results.We have built a best practice methodology that is the foundation for everything we do.  We bend and flex with your organization and adapt to your current processes and operating models.

Domain expertise is our key differentiator. We have specific solutions and services that will meet your unique needs. Whether it is integrating into a complex, multi-service solution, responding to an RFP or delivering a thorough and insightful professional services assessment, our customers can rest assured knowing we are experts in understanding and solving their technical business challenges. We have worked through many of our customer’s greatest IT challenges, allowing us to be a proven, credible source for protecting you from what you don’t know, mitigating your risk and architecting a solution that scales and adapts to your business.

Core Services include:

  • PMO design and oversight
  • Coordinate and standardize DDI projects
  • DDI Business & Requirements Analysis
  • Document project scheduling and artifacts
  • Monitor and manage project progress, costs, and milestones
  • Document business, functional, and technical specifications

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