Kaleidoscope of Applications
Operating System

PCN’s Kaleidoscope of Applications Operating System (KAOS) is our Enterprise Grade hardened Linux operating system that powers our Portal and Monitor software solutions.  KAOS is a specialized container host that standardizes and secures the deployment and management of our services.

Enables PCN PoD Cluster Technology

PCN PoD (Point of Delivery) Cluster Technology allows PCN to deploy services where we need them when we need them.  Each instance of KAOS in a PoD Cluster communicates with each of the other KAOS nodes via an encrypted VPN tunnel.  This tunnel is used to ensure communication is secure, and minimize the number of firewall ports that need to be opened between endpoints.  We use KAOS for deployment of the following components of our Managed Services:

Software Credits

PCN believes in giving credit where credit is due.  In addition to our amazing development team, KAOS and KAOS Management would not be available without the following open-source software.