Need comprehensive DNS and DHCP Monitoring?

DDI Monitor UI - DNS DHCP Monitoring

As part of our DDI Managed Services, PCN comprehensively monitors our customer’s environments using our DDI Monitor software.  This purpose-built DDI monitoring platform tracks the KPIs of OEM appliances, and interrogates the DNS, DHCP, and NTP services directly to provide robust baseline information for troubleshooting and capacity planning.  Our DDI monitoring platform polls to and receive traps from your DDI environment, in order to provide outage alerts as and when service interruptions take place.  

PCN uses our DDI Monitor to …

  • Detect, diagnose, and resolve multi-vendor DNS, DHCP, IPAM, and NTP performance issues and outages
  • Track response time, availability, and up-time
  • Monitor and analyze performance and traffic patterns
  • Create alerts based on simple or complex nested trigger conditions or dependencies
  • Monitor critical business services on-premise or in the cloud

Extensible Monitoring with Plugins

Check and Downtime Scheduling

Distributed Monitoring

Expand DDI Monitor's Reach with PCN's DDI Drone!

PCN’s DDI Monitor provides a comprehensive solution for DNS and DHCP monitoring of all major commercial and open source DDI solutions; however, in some cases, at least one DDI Drone is desirable.  Our Drone software is containerized, and can be deployed on any container host.  Alternatively, PCN can deploy a KAOS virtual or physical machine at your location.

PCN recommends implementing drones when …

  • You have more than one location, you use anycast, and you need to ensure that appropriate services are available across all locations.
  • You need to poll devices from within you local network.
  • Your network is divided into several LANs by firewalls, and the PCN hosted probe cannot monitor specific services across these firewalls.
  • You want to monitor systems in a secure network, and you need a secure connection between the DDI Monitor core server and the network.

Supported OEMs

PCN’s DDI Monitor supports DNS and DHCP Monitoring, as well as IPAM, NTP, anycast and OEM specific capabilities such as High Availability, Database Replication, API availability, UI availability, SSH availability, Queries Per Second (QPS), Leases Per Second (LPS), Messages Per Second (MPS), Lease Availability, etc!  Our monitoring capabilities are applicable per technology and manufacturer, but we strive for like for like functionality across all the major OEMs and our partners.