Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Continuous Improvement

PCN provides a wide-range of targeted and customized customer satisfaction surveys, analysis and reports to support quality management and continual service improvement efforts.  Our customer surveys and analysis will help you maintain contractual commitments as well as understand the factors that strengthen relationships, boost sales, and build customer loyalty.  PCN’s customer surveys help you identify your customers’ likes and dislikes and point out the areas that exist for improvement.

The results of a well-targeted customer survey can empower your employees to meet milestones and modify processes and procedures based on direct client feedback.  PCN Customer Satisfaction Surveys are built to focus specifically on your goals and contractual obligations to enable you to effectively target you improvement efforts. Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey areas can include:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product/Service Performance
  • Establish Performance Goals
  • Product/Service Feedback
  • Management Reporting
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Customer Communication/Keeping in touch