DDI Roundup – Market Insight and Information

Title,Description,Source,Date Published,Link
4 Reasons to Outsource Your DNS,Whitepaper describing reasons and benefits of outsourcing DNS,Dyn,Apr-14,
5 Stages of a web Malware Attack,”Whitepaper guide to web attacks plus terminology, tools, and tactics for effective protection”,Sophos,Oct-13
DDoS Strike on Spamhaus,”Article – Break down of the Spamhaus DDoS attack and some of the controversies that have ensued including the need to fix the open resolver flaw on DNS servers”,”I/T Security”,Apr-13,

DNSSEC – Windows 2012 Webinar Presentation“,”DHCP – Windows 2012 Webinar Presentation on Design and Redundency Best Practices and Opinions”,Mice & Men, Dec-12,
DNS Terminology,A nice Master Terminology List for DNS,Dyn,Mar-14
Explosion of Connected Devices Exposes Holes in IT Security,”Article – Recent attacks have demonstrated that both traditional mobile devices and non-traditional devices such as Point of Sale (POS) systems are increasingly being targeted by malware, botnets and other attacks”,Bluecat,May-14,
Infographic – Rising Tide of DNS Threats“,InfoGraphic on the Rising Tide of DNS Threats,Infoblox,Apr-14,
IPv6 for Dummies,Detailed Presentation on IPv6,Cisco,Apr-13
Lack of DNS redundancy takes down award-winning system,”Article – Orica, a multinational mining and chemical company based in Australia impacted by DNS failure.”,Australian Technology,Sep-13,

Majority of UK firms unprepared for DDoS attacks“,”Article – A new survey suggests that most UK businesses are ill-equipped to cope with DDoS attacks”,Zero Day,May-14,
Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT),Reference Whitepaper on Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT),Global Knowledge,Oct-13
Network Basics of IP Address Subnetting,Reference Whitepaper on Network Basics of IP Address Subnetting,Global Knowledge,Apr-13,
Over 20Gbps DDoS Attacks Now Become Common for Hackers,”Article – The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack has become more sophisticated and complex and has become one of the favorite weapons for cyber criminals to temporarily suspend the services of any host connected to the Internet”,The Hacker News,Mar-14,
Business needs to shift budget to relevant security,”Article – Because of missed budget focus, many businesses are failing to invest in blocking the threats that are actually hitting them.”,Verizon,May-14,”The Elastic Network: 4 Keys to Building a More Agile Network with IPAM“,”Article -If you’re still using decades-old IPAM practices, spreadsheets, manual processes and basic tools, your business will continue to face numerous network challenges”,Bluecat,Apr-14,
Evaluating the Cost of a DDoS Attack,Whitepaper presenting the impact and cost of a DDoS attack on your business,Dyn,Apr-14,
Why Your Network Team Needs IPAM – Unless You Really Love Spreadsheets“,”Article – Managing IP Addresses in today’s complex and evolving world with yesterday’s tools and methods is just not practical”,Bluecat,May-14,
2012 DNSSEC Industry Survey Report,”Whitepaper – 2012 DNSSEC Industry Survey Report findings”,BT Diamond,Nov-12,
A New Approach to Network and Device Management,”Whitepaper describing a new approach, capabilities and value to managing your network and devices.”,Bluecat,Apr-13
Building a Smarter Network with IPAM,Whitepaper describing the needs and benefits of building a smarter network with IP Address Management,IBM,Aug-12,
Classless Inter-Domain Routing Addressing (CIDR),”Reference document in Classful addressing, IPv4 and IPv6″,ARIN,Aug-12,
The DDI Gatekeeper,”Article – The perils and risks of DDI knowledge and expertise with a few individuals within the organization”,Bluecat,Jan-14,
DHCP Failover – Necessary for a Secure and Stable Network“,”Whitepaper Discussing why DHCP failover support is necessary to insure you have a stable and secure network”,Alcatel Lucent,Aug-12,
An Infrastructure Can Only Be as Efficient as DDI,”Whitepaper – Forrester Research on the importance of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) supporting a compnay’s network and infrastructure”,Forrester,Dec-11,
Market Guide for DNS DHCP and IP Address Management,”Whitepaper – Gartner Market Guide on DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management”,Gartner,Apr-14,
Gartner Marketscope for DNS DHCP and IPAM,”Whitepaper – Gartner Marketscopefor DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management”,Gartner,Mar-11,
Gartner Marketscope for DNS DHCP and IPAM,”Whitepaper – Gartner Marketscopefor DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management”,Gartner,Apr-12,
IDC Worldwide DDI Update,”Whitepaper – IDC Research Update on DDI Market”,IDC,Apr-14,
IDC DNS Security Survey,”Whitepaper – IDC DNS Security Survey Commissioned by Efficient IP”,IDC,Jun-14,
IPAM – Smoothing the Way to Cloud Based Solutions,”Whitepaper from Cisco on the importance and value of IP Address Management Supporting the Move to Cloud-Based Services”,Cisco,Jan-13,
IP Address Management Challenges,Whitepaper on the challenges of IP Address Management,Men & Mice,Sep-12,
DNS:  Risk Reward and Managed Services,”Whitepaper on the risks, rewards and options for managing DNS.”,Yankee Group,Feb-11
Introduction to IP Addressing,”This whitepaper examines IP Addressing with an emphasis on understanding how addresses are allocated and managed. It is meant to be an introductory level paper”,Solarwinds,Aug-13
Cost Savings Analysis of IPAM,”Whitepaper – Cost-Savings Analysis of IP Address Management Software: A Guide for Service Providers”,Incognito Software,Jan-13,

Managing Microsoft DNS/DHCP Infrastructure,Whitepaper on controlling and adding IPAM to your Windows basedDNS/DHCP Environment with some ROI insight,Infoblox,Aug-12,