Unisys is a multi-billion dollar global IT company known for building highly secure, modern digital platforms. They provide multi-cloud solutions including cybersecurity, digital government, core and retail banking, and travel and transportation. They transform and manage clients’ applications, data, networks and devices.

Unisys is built on nearly a century-and-a-half of innovation.

Throughout their company history, they have enhanced people’s lives by bringing technological innovation to businesses and governments around the world with the singular goal of securing tomorrow.

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    Though COVID-19 has completely upended 2020 for people the world over, the upcoming holiday season represents an opportunity for many to feel a sense of normalcy. Even if the manner in which we celebrate the holiday season this year is slightly different from years past, the reality is that many… Read more
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  • Ep. 20: 10 Simple Cybersecurity Tips for Consumers
    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and global insecurity, we are living in the perfect storm of cybersecurity vulnerability. In this episode, Ann Ruckstuhl, Senior Vice President at Unisys, shares 10 easy tips consumers can use to keep their digital lives safe…. Read more
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    Over the past decade, cloud computing has become the new normal for organisations in almost every industry. The proliferation of cloud-based services, one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend, continues to reshape how enterprises operate, invest in and manage their computing resources. According to research from Flexera, roughly 93%… Read more
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  • What’s The Difference Between ITSM, ESM, and DSM?
    Although IT service management, enterprise service management and digital service management are focused on improving organisations’ management capabilities — and are often used in tandem — they all serve different functions with digital enterprises. Differentiate between ITSM, ESM and DSM to future-proof your IT services and gain a competitive advantage…. Read more
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  • How To Manage And Harden Your IoT Environment In The New Normal
    The term "remote worker" typically brings to mind individuals who are building products, collaborating on business and marketing strategies and selling solutions. But as a CIO, CISO, CTO or manufacturing vice president, you know that once products and strategies are created, purchased and installed, someone needs to secure them and… Read more
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  • How To Achieve Business Friction Modernization While Cutting Costs And Time To Market
    Covid-19 has drastically accelerated the need for digital transformation. With more people at home depending on essential services in new ways — primarily online and via apps — we’re facing a sense of urgency to optimize IT and business agility. After all, consumers today expect nearly frictionless digital experiences. That… Read more
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  • Cloud AI Can Help You Survive The Storm
    The business world has always been challenging and competitive. But the environment that businesses and other organizations are working to weather today is downright stormy. The pandemic shuttered businesses, prompted a shift to digital operations and brought certain economic sectors to a near standstill. Private and public organizations are still… Read more
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  • How ESG Transforms Good to Great
    2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, but also for our environment. In the United States, California wildfires have burned more than 4 million acres, turning skies in many Golden State communities an ominous red. These and other wildfires across the West have also created dangerous air… Read more
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