Nokia VitalSuite

VitalSuite Performance Management Software makes it possible for organizations to proactively monitor and optimize multi-vendor network infrastructure, end point devices such as clients, servers, and VoIP phones, as-well-as application resources. It is capable of supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 environments, and provides both near-real-time and historical views. VitalSuite is suitable for organizations of all sizes, and allows companies to align their strategic objectives or contractual obligations with effective operational delivery.

VitalSuite has four core modules; Apps , Net & Realtime, Flow, and ART.


VitalApps monitors the performance of business-critical applications. It proactively gives network-wide, real-time visibility of network-based applications such as Email, Web, DNS, and in-house applications by monitoring traffic volumes and application transaction response times.

Net & RealTime

VitalNet & RealTime discover multivendor, multi-function, network devices and servers. They provide comprehensive performance and trap management, centralized visibility, advanced 2D/3D topology views, trending and capacity planning, adaptive statistical thresholding, advanced alarm configuration, Web, VM and VoIP dashboards, as well as end-to-end traffic path analysis enabling proactive identification of network resources not performing as expected.


VitalFlow collects Netflow and sFlow records directly from routers and provides powerful traffic analysis and Top-N reporting.  Basically, it is all you need to identify how network bandwidth is being used.


VitalART (Advanced Reporting Tool) gives administrators the power to generate customized metrics, counts, report designs, report types, and graphs using data from all VitalSuite modules.

VitalSuite delivers industry-leading scalability; the software can be used in a single-server deployment, or can be scaled to a globally distributed environment supporting the largest organizations in the world. Its intuitive web 2.0 GUI helps network managers to efficiently identify potential trouble spots, verify service level agreement (SLA) compliance, and optimize resource utilization. VitalSuite provides the critical information to be able to pre-empt problems, providing the maximum return on investment for corporate infrastructure capex and opex services, and VitalSuite’s pricing model is designed to suit all IT budgets.

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