BT Diamond IP offers an exceedingly flexible, scalable and comprehensive IPAM solution within today’s competitive market. BT Diamond IP provides a solution to customers seeking to improve their IPAM operations, streamline their processes and reduce costs. They have implemented many time saving features accessible with their intuitive web user interface, enabling customers to organize IPAM data using BT Diamond IP’s patented container feature. The BT Diamond IP product recognizes that no two customers structure their IP networks nor manage them in the same way and have developed the flexibility in IPAM solutions to reflect this.  In meeting business demands and end-user requirements, IT departments have to support an ever growing set of new technologies and applications without compromising their distributed network’s availability, reliability and security – all while delivering an excellent return on investment.  BT Diamond IP understands the difficulties and importance of efficiently managing distributed IP networks and as a result, provides IP solutions that offer greater control, enhanced performance and outstanding value.