BlueCat delivers software-based DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions that enable enterprises to build and manage their most complex network infrastructure to meet the rapid pace of business change.

Some of the largest and most successful enterprises around the world trust BlueCat to enable mission critical technology initiatives – cloud, virtualization, the Internet of Things, IPv6, and SDN. BlueCat offer their customers a peace of mind that their customer’s mission-critical infrastructure is scalable, stable, secure and always available.

Operating in 17 countries and serving over 1100 customers across the globe, BlueCat has been rapidly growing and expanding its footprint since 2001.

  • SUNBURST/Solorigate Situation Briefing
    BlueCat leaders discuss how the malware attack via SolarWind's Orion platform exploited DNS and how BlueCat Edge could have helped to detect it…. Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-22
  • React faster at the wire with BlueCat and ExtraHop
    With the BlueCat ExtraHop Plugin, automatically create missing PTR records, and detect and react to security threats before they reach DNS servers…. Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-22
  • Yes, IT should see what developers do in the cloud
    Errors and outages occur when admins lack visibility into DNS and IP allocation in the cloud. With Bluecat, central DDI visibility is within reach…. Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-21
  • Why McMaster University didn’t want another CIO
    McMaster's CTO, Gayleen Gray, highlights the importance of her unique role in a world where expectations of the CIO and CTO are colliding…. Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-20
  • ExtraHop
    Enhanced visibility and resolution of errors and threats to help maintain resource uptime…. Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-20
  • BlueCat Critical Conversations
    Critical Conversations bring together a diverse panel of IT pros to share practical advice on the realities of managing networks through profound…… Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-15
  • BlueCat to the cloud- Webinar Series
    Does cloud adoption mean fractured DNS authority across your enterprise? Sign up for our in-depth webinar series hosted by-product management on what the…… Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-15
  • Sunburst Update Webinar
    Register now to learn more about how the Sunburst malware exploited DNS to execute its attack. You will also learn how Network and Security teams can…… Read more
    Source: BlueCat Published on: 2021-01-15

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