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Save the Date! June 27th is PCN's IPv6 for Decision Makers Seminar

What is IPv6 and what does it mean for your business?

PCN can help you answer these questions.

PCN’s IPv6 for Decision Makers Seminar on June 27th in Philadelphia will provide valuable information on IPv4 to IPv6 migration evaluation and strategy for business managers and decision makers as well as technologists.


Participants will…

  • Get an overview of IPv6 adoption and drivers worldwide

  • Get an overview of the protocol, its deployment and the path to planning

  • Begin to understand the technological, operational and business opportunities created by IPv6 adoption

  • Begin to understand the risks posed by the transition to the next generation of the Internet Protocol

  • Analyze the impact IPv6 will have on the competitiveness of your business, on the IT investments being made and the security stance of your infrastructure

The seminar will be taught by Dr. Ciprian (Chip) Popoviciu, an industry-recognized IPv6 expert. Over the past 10 years, he has worked on the strategy, architecture, implementation and validation of IPv6 adoption by large service providers and enterprises worldwide. He has authored two books of IPv6 guidance--”Deploying IPv6 Networks” and “Global IPv6 Strategies,” has co-authored five IPv6-related IETF RFCs, and holds multiple IPv6 related patents.


Who Should Attend:

  • Business Leaders

  • Strategy, Product, Planning, and Operations Decision Makers

  • Lead Technologists

  • Technology Marketing Professionals

  • Architects and Senior Engineers

  • Product Managers

  • IT Managers

The seminar will be presented on the Mezzanine level of The Hub at the Cira Centre located directly adjacent to Amtrak’s 30th Street Train Station. The price of this full day of training is $495 per participant. Lunch will be provided.

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