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Corporate Clients

PCN offers project-based IT consulting, as well as complete IT and business process outsourcing solutions for comprehensive management of business-critical systems, support organizations, and network infrastructures. Our focused subject matter expertise provides you with:

  • Centralized management of DNS, DHCP, and IP address space (DDI) for increased transparency, control, and security
  • Secure, multi-factor authenticated, remote access to enterprise systems and applications across global geographies and diverse platforms
  • Performance monitoring and customer satisfaction survey services in support of contract and SLA governance
  • ITIL-based management for network infrastructures and Microsoft servers and workstations

PCN is committed to laying the foundation for long-term success with our corporate customers and partners-and is focused on enabling you to:

  • Access niche expertise in DDI, multi-factor authentication, and PMO building and administration
  • Design and implement surveys to evaluate customer and end user satisfaction and facilitate contract governance
  • Establish US-based outsourced help desks for key line of business applications
  • Manage your budget with competitive pricing models (fixed price, T&M, etc.)
  • Increase quality of service with SLA reporting and accountability
  • Improve services with our established ISO 9001 and TL9000 quality programs
  • Access subject matter expertise across a range of IT disciplines
  • Facilitate collaboration between your contractors, sub-tier vendors, and customers and assure the flow of accurate, timely data via our ability to integrate with diverse service management platforms
  • Leverage our experience with vendor management systems to streamline management of you multi-vendor environment
  • Fulfill your diversity requirements - PCN is a small WBE

“We attract and retain great people who deliver results for our customers and partners.“
- Katrin Hillner, President & CEO